Trance is one of the most popular and beloved forms of music around the world, but it is not well known in the US. How popular? One weekly trance radio show has 30 million listeners a week (making it the most listened-to radio show in the world), and another I listen to has 21 million listeners a week. It's that popular! Despite the genre's relative obscurity in the US, one originally&still-partly-trance DJ (FM 98.5 ) has over 4.2 million fans on Facebook & there an internet radio station that plays his music 24 hours a day 7 days a week. DJs have had over a million people in attendance at single concerts in such places as Russiaan, and the Olympic Committee chose a (who then did only trance) to do all the music for the opening ceremonies for the Olympics marking the 100-year anniversary of the Olympics. To quote a website that's very critical of trance in general, "Trance is the most emotional genre. It can make you cry, make you shout, make you cheer, and make you celebrate absolutely nothing of substance except pure ecstatic bliss